Spring 2010 Membership Meeting  
  May 15, 2010  
  The Williamsburg Lodge, Williamsburg, Virginia  


The Spring Membership Meeting of the Jamestowne Society was held on Saturday, May 15, 2010, at the Williamsburg Lodge. Company Governors arrived early for the all-day Governors' Roundtable which took place on May 14 at the Lodge. Council met on May 15 at 9 A.M. Following the Council meeting, members attended a reception followed by a luncheon.


The program was "SUBBERB OF JAMES CITTIE, New  Archeological Discoveries on the Maine" the early 17th century name of an area of archaeological investigation by the speaker, Alain C. Outlaw. His interesting talk addressed the "Argall Town" period as well as possibly earlier historic finds in the vicinity. Mr. Outlaw, Principal Archaeologist with Archaeological & Cultural Solutions, Inc. of Williamsburg, received undergraduate and graduate degrees in anthropology, and serves as Instructor of History at Christopher Newport University, and has done so for the past ten years, where his courses taught include Introduction to Historical Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, and Fieldwork in Historical Archaeology.

Below are photos of portions of the PowerPoint presentation given by Mr. Outlaw, and at the bottom of this page, a link to Page 2 of the Recap with photos from the meeting itself.



Photo below shows Governor's Land Archaeological District

  Photo below shows existing house built at relatively recent date which is located within the tract:  
  Photo below excavation in progress - note post hole construction clearly indicated:  
  Early Seventeenth Century Artifacts from the site:  
  Early record of petition from inhabitants of Paspahey and Argalls Towne  
  Map comparison: Vingboons Map (ca.1617) and area on contemporary map  
  Illustration by DeBry, showing Captain Argal(l) and the Chickahominies  
   Old map showing Argall Towne and the Blockhouse:  
  An enlargement of a tiny drawing of a blockhouse on the old map  
  Early illustrated map of Hull in England, showing blockhouses as they were in use there:  
  The above images are taken from the PowerPoint presentation given by Alain Outlaw at the May Membership Meeting in Williamsburg.  

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