Spring 2010 Membership Meeting Recap - Page 2  
  May 15, 2010  
  The Williamsburg Lodge, Williamsburg, Virginia  


The Spring Membership Meeting of the Jamestowne Society was held on Saturday, May 15, 2010, at the Williamsburg Lodge. Company Governors arrived early for the all-day Governors' Roundtable which took place on May 14 at the Lodge. Council met on May 15 at 9 A.M. Following the Council meeting, members attended a reception followed by a luncheon.


Photos on this page were taken at the reception, at the luncheon, and on the day before at the Governors Roundtable. To see photos from the Power Point presentation of the program, click here.



Governor Carter Branham Snow Furr and Lieutenant Governor Joseph Barlow confer prior to the luncheon meeting:


  Below: the original silk Jamestowne Society flag, which members see at membership meetings; here held up for display at the Governors' Roundtable on Friday; 1936 is the date the Society was founded.  
  Photo below shows the group of Society Officers and Company Governors attending the all-day Friday Governors' Roundtable. (Webmaster/Attorney General also attended, but was also photographer!)  
  Photo below shows presentation of charter to North Florida Company at luncheon:  
  Photo below shows presentation of charter to Wilderness Road Company at luncheon:  
  Alain Outlaw, program presenter, addresses the membership:  
  Washington-Northern Virginia Company presents framed illustrated Chesapeake Bay map as gift in memory of Henry Mackall:  
  Carter B. S. Furr, Governor of the Society, standing, at the Landing Day Ceremony, Jamestowne Island, May 15, 2010, following the luncheon  
   Group photos taken before, during and after the luncheon on May 15:  




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