Spring 2012 Membership Meeting  
  May 12,  2012  
  The Williamsburg Lodge, Williamsburg, Virginia  


Saturday, May 12, members of the Jamestowne Society gathered at the Williamsburg Lodge for the May Membership Meeting of the Society. On the day before, Company Governors and some Officers and Councillors attended an all-day Governors' Roundtable, and Council Members, Officers and Committee Chairpersons at 9 A.M. Saturday to participate in the Council Meeting. Following the Council meeting, members attended a reception followed by the membership luncheon in the Lodge Ballroom.


Connie Lopallo, author of two fiction works based on the Jamestowne era, was the speaker. Her two novels are "When the Moon Has No More Silver," and "Dark Enough to See the Stars in a Jamestown Sky." She read from her works and answered questions from the audience.

Enjoy seeing photos from the luncheon below.


  Photo below shows Carolyn Farmer, Companies Chair, overseeing Governor's Roundtable on Friday, May 11, with, left to right, Lt. Governor Michael Frost, Governor Joseph Barlow, and Governors' Roundtable assistants, Ann Stokes Moore and Ginny Gottlieb:  
  Governor Barlow speaks to the assembled membership:  
  Speaker Connie Lopallo discussing her works of fiction about the Jamestowne era:  

The next several photos are of recognition for individuals and Companies in the Society's Roll of Honor:


The next three photos depict the chartering of new Companies within the Society!

Shown below: Catherine Matranga, Governor of Golden State Company, with Carolyn Kendrick Farmer, Companies Chair

Shown below: Rick Gann, Governor of First Indiana Company, with Carolyn Kendrick Farmer, Companies Chair

Shown below: Dessa Jane Burrell, appearing for Iola Jane Smith, Governor of Central Missouri Company, with Carolyn Kendrick Farmer, Companies Chair



Pictures which follow were taken during the luncheon and show Jamestowne Society members doing what we do best, enjoying ourselves while celebrating our rare and cherished lineage.


  New Members of the Jamestowne Society who attended the meeting:  
  Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the November 2012 Meeting in Richmond!  

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