Spring 2013 Membership Meeting  
  May 11,  2013  
  The Williamsburg Lodge, Williamsburg, Virginia  


Members of the Jamestowne Society gathered at the Williamsburg Lodge on Saturday, May 14, 2011,for the May Membership Meeting of the Society. On Friday, May 10, Company Governors attended a half-day Governors' Roundtable, followed by a trip to Bacon's Castle and Smithfield Station. Council Members and Officers and Committee Chairpersons arrived early on Saturday to participate in the Council Meeting. Following the Council meeting, members attended a reception followed by a luncheon.


The speaker was William Pfingst (Bill) Carrell, II, of Louisville, Kentucky, a Jamestowne Society member, whose topic was "The British Empire and the Genesis of the United States." Bill is a practicing attorney in Louisville. 


Photo below shows New Members and First Time Attendees:

  Bill Carrell's "The British Empire and the Genesis of the United States"  
  Illustrations from the Presentation:  



Members Enjoying the Luncheon:



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