Mission Statement
  The Jamestowne Society was organized for educational, historical, and  
  patriotic purposes, and to that end:  
  To discover and record the names of all living descendants  
  of those early settlers who made the great sacrifice  
  to establish our English-speaking Nation;  
  and to unite these descendants to honor the memory  
  of our settler ancestors;  
  and to record their deeds, and to do homage  
  to the birthplace of Virginia and the Nation.  
  To associate those descendants as members  
  of the corporation.  
  To bring the members into closer association  
  through activities revolving around matters  
  of common historical and genealogical interest.  
  To promote the restoration of historical records,  
  documents, objects, and edifices which are of  
  lasting cultural value to the people of Virginia  
  and of the Nation.  
  To assist in the organization of state companies,  
  reminiscent of the London and Virginia Companies,  
  in states where membership and interest justify them.  
  No part of the net earnings of the Corporation will inure to the benefit  
  of private shareholders or individuals, and in the event of dissolution  
  of the Corporation, its assets will be distributed to the Commonwealth  
  of Virginia or to a designated organization (or organizations)  
  exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (1954, as amended).  

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