Fall 2008 Meeting Presentation
Captain John Smith's Chesapeake Bay
  by Dr. Kent Mountford

November 8, 2008

  The Commonwealth Club, Richmond, Virginia  

Dr. Kent Mountford, noted author and researcher, presented information on how the Chesapeake Bay region likely appeared to the early English explorers who visited the region in 1607 and 1608. Dr. Mountford is co-author with Helen C. Rountree and Wayne E. Clark of "John Smith's Chesapeake Voyages 1607-1609," published by the University of Virginia Press in 2007, and is the author of "Closed Sea: From the Manasquan to the Mullica." He is Ecologist and Environmental Historian for the Cove Corporation in Lusby, Maryland.

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The photos below are from the presentation given by Dr. Mountford, and illustrate the history of the Chesapeake Bay for the last several hundred years, and provide information on the early explorer, Captain John Smith, and on the native population.

 The importance of Smith's observations - they were recorded

  Illustrations of Capt. John Smith at age 28, and in England, at age 36:  
  Categories of the Presentation  
  Interesting Question About Early Map Illustration  
  Shorelines of 1608 are not in existence today due to erosion  
  Almost all of the Chesapeake Bay watershed was forested  
  Forests provided different layers of protection and support  
  The Mantle of Powhatan, in an English museum today, has an interesting detail  
  The shells sown on the ancient mantle are fossils, secured with deer sinew  
  The early appearance of buffalo in the region may be verified by the buffalo tail used as ornamentation  

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