Fall 2009 Membership Meeting  
  November 7, 2009  
  The Commonwealth Club, Richmond, Virginia  

Jamestowne Society members gathered for the Fall Meeting of the Society on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond. After the Council met at 9 AM, members enjoyed a reception followed by a luncheon at 12:30 PM in the Ballroom. The webmaster was absent from the meeting due to illness, but photographs were kindly provided by Carole Morck, who is the Newsletter Editor for the Society. All photos which follow on this page were taken by her.


The program was "WEROWOCOMOCO: REDISCOVERING A FORGOTTEN LANDSCAPE IN GLOUCESTER COUNTY," presented by David A. Brown and Thane H. Harpole of The Fairfield Foundation. Werowocomoco was the capital of the Powhatan chiefdom in the early 17th century, and was the site of contacts between Powhatan's people and Jamestowne colonists in the period 1607 to 1609. Fascinating information about the archaeological dig which uncovered evidence of Werowocomoco's existence and provided glimpses into the lives of its occupants was highlighted in the talk presented, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.  Click here to see the entire PowerPoint presentation from the program presented on November 7th! Mr. Brown welcomes questions on the presentation, and may be contacted by e-mail at dabro3@wm.edu.


  Enjoy snapshots taken before and after the meeting below (photos by Carole Morck)

Photo immediatley below shows Thane Harpole, Carter Branham Snow Furr, Esq., Governor of the Society, and David A. Brown

  Photos above by Carole Morck  
  Click here to see the entire PowerPoint presentation by David A. Brown and Thane H. Harpole  

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