Fall 2011 Membership Meeting  
  The Commonwealth Club, Richmond, Virginia  


Society members and guests gathered on Saturday, November 5, 2011, for the Fall Membership Meeting at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond. Those in attendance were privileged to hear Robin Nicholson, Deputy Director for Art and Education at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, present "British Portraiture at the Time of Jamestowne." Since 2010, Mr. Nicholson's responsibilities at the Virginia Museum include curatorial, exhibitions, education, statewide partnerships and library departments. Earlier, he had been the Museum's Deputy Director for Exhibitions. Prior to coming to Virginia, he spent fourteen years directing and curating the corporate art collection of the Drambuie Corporation, headquartered in Edinburgh, with corporate offices in London and the US. He was educated at Queen's University, Ontario, and the University of Cambridge, England. A renowned scholar of the art of the eighteenth-century Stuart royal courts in Paris and Rome, he has also published and lectured on other aspects of 18th and 19th century European art. His book on the portraiture of Prince Charles Edward Stuart was published by Bucknell University Press in 2002. Mr. Nicholson's presentation of "British Portraiture at the Time of Jamestowne" is a timely preview of an exhbition to open at Jamestowne in late November 2011.

Photos from the meeting on November 5 appear below

Robin Nicholson, Speaker

The Society Welcomes New Members, Shown Above

Society Governor Joseph Holleman Barlow (above) addresses Members and Guests

Photos below show slides from Mr. Nicholson's presentation and candid photos of Members and Guests

Spring 2012 Meeting: May 12, 2012, Williamsburg Lodge, Williamsburg, Virginia
(Details will be on website as date draws near)


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