Qualifying Ancestors

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  Burnham, Rowland Chiles, Walter Crawford, David  
  Burroughs, Benoni Chiles, Walter II Crew, Randall  
  Burroughs, Christopher Chiles, Susanna Crewes, James  
  Burrowes, Charles Chilton, Edward Crinden, Edward  
  Burwell, Edward Chudleigh, James Cripp, Zachary  
  Burwell, Lewis Church, Richard Crosbies, _______  
  Bush, John Churchill, William Croshaw, Joseph  
  Bushopp, John Claiborne, William Croshaw, Raleigh  
  Bushrod, Thomas Clarke, Richard Crump, John  
  Butler, William Clause, Phettiplace Curle, Pasco  
  Bye, Thomas Clay, John Curtis, Thomas  
  Byrd, William I Clayton, Thomas Custis, John I  
  Calthrope, Christopher Clement, Jeremie Custis, John III  
  Calvert, George Clements, Francis Custis, William  
  Canfield, Robert Clements, Jeremiah/Jeremy Dale, Edward  
  Cant, David Cobb, Joseph Dale, Sir Thomas  
  Cant, John Cocke, James Davenant, Sir William  
  Carsley, Henry Cocke, Richard Davenport, Rev. John  
  Carter, Edward Cocke, Thomas Davis, James  
  Carter, John Cocke, William Davis, Thomas  
  Carter, Robert (King) Cockerham, William Davis, William  
  Carter, William Codd, St. Leger Davison, Christopher  
  Carver, William Cole, William Dawson, William  
  Cary, Miles Collclough, George Death, Richard  
  Cary, William Collier, William DeLaMajor, Thomas  
  Castle, Robert Colston, William Delke, Roger  
  Catchmaid, George Coltrop, Christopher Denson, William  
  Catchmaie, George Coogan, Daniell Dew, Thomas  
  Catlett, John Cooke, Mordecai Digges, Dudley  
  Caufield, William Cooke, Thomas Digges, Sir Dudley  
  Caufleld, Robert Coombe, John Digges, Edward  
  Caulthropp, Christopher Cooper, George Digges, William  
  Causey, Thomas Corbin, Gawen Dilke, Clement  
  Cawsey, Nathaniel Corbin, Henry Dipnall, Thomas  
  Ceely, Thomas Corker, John Doe, Thomas  
  Ceney, Henry Corker, William Donne, George  
  Challis, Edward CortsenStam, Arent Douglas, Edward  
  Chamberlain, Thomas CortsenStam, Derrick Dowman, John  
  Chamberlaine, Francis Costnol, William Downes, George  
  Champion, William Cotton, Allen Downing, John  
  Chandler, John Cotton, Rev. William Dowse, Thomas  
  Chaplaine, Isaack Cowles, Thomas Drummond, Sarah  
  Chapman, William Cowlinge, Christopher Drummond, William  
  Charlton, Stephen Cox(e), William Dudley, Robert  
  Cheesman, Edmund Coxe, Richard Due, Thomas  
  Cheesman, John Coytmore, Rowland Duke, Henry  
  Cheesman, Thomas Crafford, William Dunston, John  
  Chew, John Craford, William    
  Chicheley, Sir Henry Crampe, Thomas    
    Crashaw, Rawleigh    
    Craven, Richard    

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