Qualifying Ancestors

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  Ramsey, Edward Scarburgh, Edmund II Spicer, Arthur  
  Ramsey, Thomas Scarlet, Martin Spier, John  
  Ramshawe, Thomas Scotchmore, Robert Spraggon, Radulph  
  Randolph, Henry Scott, John St. Leger, Sir Warham  
  Randolph, William Scrivenor, Matthew Stacy, Robert  
  Ransom, Peter Seawell, Henry Stafferton, Peter  
  Ranson, James Seely, Thomas Stegg, Thomas  
  Rany, John Senior/Scinior, John Stegg, Thomas II  
  Rashell, Humphrey Seward, John Stephens, George  
  Ratcliffe, Capt. John Sharp, Samuel Stephens, Richard  
  Read, Edward Sharp, William Stith, John  
  Read, Robert Sharpe, Samuel Stone, John  
  Reade, George Sharpless, Edward Stone, Maximillian  
  Revell, Randall Shawe, John Stoner, Alexander  
  Reynolds, Christopher Shelley, Walter Stoner, John  
  Richards, Richard Shepard, John Story ,Joshua  
  Richardson, John Shepherd, Baldwin Stoughton, Samuel  
  Ridley, John Sheppard, John Strachey, William  
  Ridley, Peter Sheppard, Robert Stratton, Joseph  
  Ring, Joseph Sheppard, Thomas Strechley, John  
  Robins, John Sheppey, Thomas Stretter, Edward  
  Robins, Obedience Sherlock, James Stringer, John  
  Robinson, Christopher Sherman, Michael Sully, Thomas  
  Robinson, Tully Sherwood, William Swann, Alexander  
  Robinson, William Shipsie, John Swann, Samuel  
  Rodgers, Richard Sibsey, John Swann, Thomas  
  Rogers, John Sidney, John Sweete, Robert  
  Rolfe, John Sipsey, John Taberer, Thomas  
  Rookings, William Slaughter, John Talbot, Ann  
  Roper, William Smith, Arthur Taliaferro, John  
  Roscow, William Smith, John Tatum, Nathaniel  
  Rose, John Smith, John (alias Francis Dade) Tayler, Phillip  

Rosier, Rev. John, Sr

Smith, Capt. John Tayloe, William  
  Rossingham, Edmund Smith, Lawrence Taylor, George  
  Rowlston, Lionel Smith, Nicholas Taylor, John  
  Royall, Joseph Smith, Richard Taylor, Richard  
  Sadler, Rowland Smith, Robert Taylor, Thomas  
  Salmon, Joseph Smith, Roger Tarlor/Tayloe, William  
  Sanders, Richard Smith, Toby Thomas, Edward  
  Sanderson, Edward Smyth, John Thomas, Lord Culpeper  
  Sandiford, John Soane, Henry Thomas, William  
  Sandys, George Soane, William Thompson, George  
  Sanford, Samuel Somers, Sir George Thompson, John  
  Sargent, William Southcot, Thomas Thornbury, Thomas  
  Saunders, Roger Southerne, John Thoroughgood, Adam  
  Savage, John Sparrow, Charles Thorowgood, John  
  Savage, Thomas Speke, Thomas Thorowgood/Thoroughgood, Adam  
  Savin, Robert Spence, Alexander Thorpe, George  
  Sawyer, Francis Spencer, Nicholas Thorpe, Otho  
  Scarborough, Charles Spencer, William    
  Scarburgh, Edmund I      

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