Roll of Honor
  The Roll of Honor includes active Jamestowne Society members and Companies.
Levels of giving are cumulative. Cumulative donations include deposits made between January 1, 1998 and December 31, 2013.
The Roll of Honor may be revised from time to time as necessary to reflect the current giving levels
of existing donors or to add new Jamestowne Society members or Companies to the Roll. *=Deceased.
    House of Burgesses
Giving Level of $25,000 or More
    Michael Frost    
    Parish Council
Giving Level of $10,000 to $24,999
    Alabama Company    
    First Texas Company    
    Harrison Ruffin Tyler    

Giving Level of $5,000 to $9,999

  Alberta M. Dennstedt Trust* Michigan Company Washington & Northern Virginia Company  
  Kentucky Company San Antonio Company    


Giving Level of $2,500 to $4,999

  Glenda Allen First South Carolina Company Roanoke-New River Valley Company  
  Captain John Clay Company Linda Betts Frazier* South Florida Company  
  Ann B. Darst Robert Hendry Virginia Piedmont Company  
  First California Company James Citty Company Lowry Rush Watkins, Jr  
  First Georgia Company Lone Star Company West Texas Company  
  First Mississippi Company Ellen L. Omohundro David Woodroof  
  First North Carolina Company Oklahoma Company    


Major Merchant
Giving Level of $1,000 to $2,499

  Joyce Bockemuehl First North Carolina Company Oklahoma Company  
  Frances Jefferson Bowman C. H. Grund Susan Godman Rager  
  Ronald Burkhart Ruth K. Hemmingway Alvin Reynolds*  
  Sandra H. Carney Kansas-Missouri Company Grace H. Sanders  
  Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Carrington Rebecca Kusserow Janice H. Shanks  
  Guy M. Cloud, Jr Little Rock Company Enid N. Warner  
  J. B. Cook North Carolina State University Club, Inc. Tennessee Company  
  Anne Farley North Florida Company Cranston Williams, Jr  
  First California Company      

Early Settler
Giving Level of $500 to $999

  Margaret Acker First Nevada-Arizona Company Michigan Chapter,  Daughters of Founders & Patriots  
  Bailey Family Foundation First Indiana Company Gaynelle Richardson  
  M. Zandra Baker Carter B. S. Furr Myron F. Richardson  
  Joseph Barlow William Harrison Dr. John Shelton  
  James A. Bridger, Jr E. Carl and Lois M. Johnson Betsy G. Smith  
  Dolores Dodge Henry C. Mackall* Tennessee Company  
  Carolyn P. Drennen Mary McClurg J. Ives Townsend*  
  Thomas Curpen Fey John McHale Jerry W. Zillion  





Giving Level of $250 to $499

  Marvin Hauser Anderson First Colorado Company Maurice Rogers  
  Elizabeth Wilson Atkinson First Louisiana Company Mary M. Ross  
  Bailey Family Foundation Florida Gulf Coast Company Donald Seely  
  John H. Baker, Jr Golden State Company Shenandoah Valley Company  
  Ann Yancey Bauersfield Great Northwest Company Lawrence Smith  
  John Boatwright Robert E. Hill William Smith  
  Teresa Ann Boice Kentucky Trace Company Nancy B. Squire  
  Gina C. Bouchard Teresa Carroll Medlinsky J. E. B. Stuart  
  Nathan Bushnell III Anne Tyler Netick Rachel Sykes  
  Chesapeake Bay Company John H. Newman, Jr Randal C. Teague  
  Bernice Clay Elizabeth O. Noakes Helen Harris Vincent  
  James B. Culbertson Mrs. William S. Powell Anne Moncure Wall  
  Jo Anna Dale Marian W. Rief C. R. Williams  
  Dolores Dodge Richard C. Riemenschneider A. Churchill Young III*  

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